Private insurance:

Remember that most private insurers cover part of the treatment costs at our clinic. We also accept SAAQ and Veterans Affairs cases, but not those of the CNESST. For questions about other types of insurance, feel free to call us at 819-205-2757.

If you don’t have insurance:

We do our utmost to make sure financial constraints don’t prevent you from getting the care you need. You can pay by cash, debit, credit or personal cheque. See Financing arrangements below.

Financing arrangements:

To make treatment as accessible as possible, we can also arrange an exclusive health-service financing agreement with our patients. This way, you can pay your fees in equal monthly payments over a set period. Call us to learn more about this option.

Tax credits:

Remember as well that you can claim a tax credit for medical expenses you incur at establishments like Clinique Solutions Discales. Getting access to pain relief has never been easier!

Satisfaction guaranteed:

Our dedicated team makes every effort to ensure each of your visits is truly friendly, enjoyable and professional, and we’re convinced you’ll be totally satisfied with the care you receive at Clinique Solutions Discales. That said, if ever you have to stop your treatment plan, we’ll provide you with a pro-rata refund so that you pay only for treatment actually received.