New-generation spinal decompression is a revolutionary medical technique designed to treat the following conditions*:

If you’re suffering from one or more herniated discs, we use our spinal-decompression machine to restore some of height lost by the torn disc or discs, thus recreating the space needed for bulges or protrusions to retract to the middle of the disc, when possible. This is the only way that torn fibre can scar over and allow for actual rehabilitation.


For osteoarthritis, the machine again works to thicken the collapsed disc or discs, so that the cartilage stops deteriorating and begins to heal, at least to a degree.

This sophisticated, computer-controlled procedure targets the affected discs and prevents pain during treatment.

Spinal decompression is a rigorous treatment protocol with a very high success rate. That said, to achieve your healthcare objectives, be sure to follow the instructions of our team at Clinique Solutions Discales Outaouais. Most of our patients notice an improvement in only a few weeks.