Many people simply wait too long to have their spine and nervous system assessed for the first time. That’s actually one of the reasons more than 80% of the population will suffer through at least one episode (and often many more) of acute lower back pain during their lifetime. The discomfort can also be accompanied by mobility problems and a drop in energy from one day to the next.

At Clinique Solutions Discales, our mission is to help as many families as possible enjoy optimal health and the best quality of life they can. We also strive to make our patients, their families and our community understand the importance of proper spinal care and healthy lifestyles in getting the most out of life.

That said, our primary medical role is to detect, correct and prevent disc and spine imbalances or misalignments, which can ravage your health and cause many related problems if left untreated.

Clinique Solutions Discales also excels in the treatment of pain from herniated discs and osteoarthritis thanks to the Outaouais only new-generation spinal decompression machines. With this revolutionary equipment, we treat individuals suffering from severe chronic conditions that respond very little or not at all to conventional therapy.

Dedicating our know-how, our passion and our experience to our patients, their families and the community is an honour. And we promise to give one and all the same impeccable service we’d offer to our own family—the hope being that older and younger people alike turn to natural, non-invasive care that revolves primarily around chiropractic, spinal decompression, as well as nerve and spine hygiene.